10 Beautiful White Women Dating Black Men Success Stories

The interracial relationship between white women and black men have become more and more popular recently years. Different people views on “Why do some white women dating black men” have different perspective.

Some people want to date a rich partner, some people love plus size people, and some people are bisexuality. It is for the same reason that there is a group of white women want to date black men.

We have put that question to some single white women who love black men. Most of them believe that there are no special reasons, love has no color.

Below are 10 stunning white women dating black men Success Stories That Will Make You longing for interracial love very much. Some of them meet online, some of them meet offline. No matter where they meet each other, they are happy very much now and some of them already have their own small interracial family.

wwbm couple

"Rest In Peace My Love Until We Meet Again."

"We might 5 years ago as I had given up on love.😍 We started talking and texting and became friends.👫We went on our first date and never!"

Story by Jennifer Barnett

interracial dating

"We Are Still Battling The Distance And Acceptance Of Love".

""Hello whitegirlsblackguys I really love😍what you guys do in showing people love in all colors I'm going to be sharing our story!"

Story by Espihay

interracial family

"Be With Who Makes You Happy"😍

"My name is Crystal (24 years old) my husband name is Darran (27 years old) DJ for short. I'm white && he's African American. We have been together!"

Story by Crystal Whitney

wwbm dating

Love is never wrong.😍

"I was living in NY and I just randomly decided to move to NC. No family, friends or anything to have me wanting to move just needed a change.👭 I met this man at my job!"

Story by Jennifer Barney

happy couple

"Our Love Is Stronger Than Any hate Could Ever Be".❤️

“Armand and I met January 17, 2000 and instantly felt a spark. We started dating and decided that we would spend the rest of our lives together!"

Story by Leighba03

dating story

“We Can Not Be Apart!”😎

"My name is Ashley I'm 28 and my boyfriend Dedrick is 29 We met at a party🎉 in 2015, ever since that day we can't be apart!😊 He has showed me what real love❤️ feels!"

Story by Ashley Myatt

We met 18 years ago

“If You Love Something Let It Go And If It Comes Back It Was Meant To Be”💗

“My name is Heather I'm 40 years old and my boyfriend's👫name is Teron He's 42. We met 18 years ago and dated!"

Story by Heather Petty

together over 4 years

"You are the reason I believe in love.💗 "

“Hello! My name is Matthew Jean Louis, I’m African American and my girlfriend is Mexican. We’ve been together over 4 years now. We went!"

Story by Matthew Louis

Our Story Is Really Nice

"Our Story Is Really Nice."😊

“I moved from Italy to UK (cardiff) one month later I started school🏫 I knew him in school, so am the kind of girl👩 that jokes a lot and talks to everyone he liked!"

Story by Kkarimab

We met in college

"He Took Me Out For My Birthday And Kissed Me"😘

“We met in college, I was a softball player he was a baseball player.⚾We started to work out together. He quickly turned into my best!"

Story by Katieee

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