white girls are not interested in dating white guys anymore now

Nowadays it's way more interesting, way more cool for a white girl to date a black guy, latino guy or even Asian guy.

There are tens of millions of white girls in interracial relationships with non-white guys, while white guys in general only date white girls.

wwbm coupleWhite girls never seem to show white guys any preference, but they do for black or latino guys. I hear so many white girls saying "I prefer black guys" "I love them latino guys" "Asian guys are cute", but funny thing I never hear them saying such things about white guys.

I'm white and I have been in a relationship with both: the white and the black guy. And let me tell you. Before I met my actual boyfriend, who is black, I could never imagine that it's possible to feel such an attraction.

Oh my God, his skin is so smooth I could kiss it and touch it without stopping, his lips are so soft, his arms are so strong, his body is so hot, his hair is so beautiful. He is just incredible.

Just... If I could describe him in one word it would be: SMOOTH or SOFT. Him, his personality is so so... I have no words. He is so calm, so intelligent, so patient, gentle, he cares, he worries, but at the same time makes me feel a WOMAN. I could describe him all day long.

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