Still going strong 2 years later

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Married one year today, been together for over 7 years

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White women dating black men

interracial couple

"I never see true love until i was with you,i never felt happy with out you.You gave the happiness you meet me the such a beautiful location,you are my heart beat, you are my best relation in this world forever...[read more]"

Our family is a work of art ❤

interracial couple

"We met on a dating site. A little while after we met, we realized that we couldn't be apart for long. She made me fall in love like never before. I am convinced that she is my better half. She has met all my expectations...[read more] "

interracial couple

Math of ℒℴѵℯ 1+1=3

"All she wants from you is..... YOU! She wants you to want her! Only her! Never stop doing the things that made her fall in Love with you! Most people get lazy or content in a relationship! So they stop doing the little things. But it's those little things that build Love! A smile from across the room just because you caught a glimpse of her. Stare at her like you used to,and when she says "what",tell her how beautiful she is! I mean you tried so hard to get her... So Try even harder to keep her! It only takes five seconds to say thanks, or I Love you Babe! And you know what? Sometimes saying nothing means so much more than you could ever say! Make her feel it! Stop her mid sentence with a kiss! A real kiss! Or brush the hair from her eyes as you stare into them! Hold her hand just because you want to! And never ever forget, the more you give, the more you get back...[read more]"

interracial couple

why do white girls like black men?

"It's not just the single people who will hate on your relationship, it's the people who want what you have and can't have it. If you got a man that loves and adores you, then why should you care about what other females think? Clearly you're doing something right if you have their attention. Keep doing it, and look good doing it...[read more]"

interracial couple

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"He visited my city, just a trip. He asked me 3 times, if i could meet him. I refused two times. But the third time, i thought "okay, if he is here, maybe i should meet him". We met, and fall for each other. Since then, we r together.
we both r born in march. he is 10 years older than me...[read more]"

interracial couple

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"My love will warm your heart, no matter what season it is now. Love is a taste of paradise...[read more]"

interracial couple

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"The most important things in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in...[read more]"

interracial couple

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"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to the same HUMAN RACE...[read more]"

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